Cremation Services:

Why Choose Cremation? 


This word will cause many different reactions in people, sometimes even within families. Cremation is a controversial issue that has many misconceptions attached to it. For instance, funeral homes offer full traditional funeral services when cremation is chosen. Cremation is a word that causes strong emotional responses, and many questions. Common cremation questions.

When a death occurs and cremation has been chosen, we are called by a family member, caregiver, minister, or anyone the family chooses.

Once the call is received, the deceased will be removed as specified in their pre-filed instructions. If no instructions are on file, we will assist the next of kin in making all necessary decisions. Removal may be immediate, or as much as 18 hours after death. The time-frame is decided by the family. However, Washington State law requires refrigeration of the body at a mortuary facility within 24 hours of death.

Upon removal, the deceased is taken to the crematory and placed in storage for the period required by law before cremation can occur.

Afterwards, the ashes are placed in a temporary container unless a permanent one has been selected, and are returned to the family or transported to another specified location. Cook Family Funeral Home also assists with the memorial or graveside services, or the scattering service as allowed by state law. If you bury or place the cremated remains in a niche or columbarium, a permanent container is often used. The funeral director can assist the family in scheduling any viewing or ceremonies of remembrance that are to occur before cremation, or any post-cremation memorial services, or scattering ceremonies.

We will handle  the death certificate filing and notification to Social Security (and the Veterans' Administration if the deceased was a veteran).

Cremation is gaining widespread popularity for several unique reasons:

  • Simplicity & Dignity

  • More control for the family

  • More family and church involvement in services and ceremonies

  • Environmentally sound

  • Immediate return to nature

  • Saves land for the living

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