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Dale Eugene Gillespie
Passed Away
 May 22, 2017


Date: 6/1/2017

Time: 1:36:53 PM


I have worked with Dale for a number of year's at Bangor. He was an adopted part of our office, in Building 7001 just down the hall and we often worked together on projects. He was always a kind and professional man, the perfect gentleman.

He will be missed. My families thoughts and prayers are with yours.


Rory Eisele
City: Bremerton
State: WA
Country: USA

Date: 5/25/2017

Time: 8:05:06 PM


I have worked with Dale for over 20yrs. He was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable as a Hygenist and helpful when it came to employees exposures in then work place. He always brought us snacks when we had a meeting set.
Our command has expanded industrial hygienist employees, so Dale moved into our building last year. He has been a real asset for our department since he moved in. He brought us flowers, cake, and more snacks. He is very thoughtful person. Always friendly and happy. I loved hearing stories about him being in the Air Force as it was something we have in common. He spoke and still speaks of his wife very sweetly. He loved his church, spoke of all the fun things and activities going on.
Dale will be missed, our building has been quite, and time will heal. My thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and his family. God bless.


Sue Pahrmann
City: Silverdale
State: WA
Country: USA