There is... a difference!

Eleanor Etherington Pritchard, 95, of Bainbridge Island, Washington, passed away Thursday, March 16, 2017.

Eleanor was born March 29, 1921, in Garden City, New York. She attended the Pratt Institute in New York, where she studied art. Eleanor married Sydney Pritchard of Sydney, Australia, on February 6, 1943. She had three children: Hilary Pritchard of Bainbridge Island, WA; Robin Federighi of Burlingame, CA and; David Pritchard of Raleigh, NC. Eleanor was very proud to be the grandmother of six and great-grandmother of nine children.

Throughout her life, Eleanor viewed everything with an artistic eye. This was always an important part of how she lived. Also remarkable was her wonderful ability to form lifelong, intimate friendships. Eleanor will always be remembered fondly for her abiding sense of humor. She also had a flair for brushes with history, whether it was being seated as a six-year old in The Spirit of St. Louis by Charles Lindbergh, or preparing soup for lunch with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Faith was an important pillar of Eleanorís life. She grew up the grand-daughter of Dr. Isaac Dooman, an Episcopal priest and Christian missionary in Nara, Japan, where her own father was born. Throughout her life, she enjoyed the spiritual communities at, among others, St. Mathews Episcopal Church in San Mateo, California and particularly St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church in New York City.

Prior to moving to Bainbridge Island in 2007, Eleanor lived in Tudor City in Manhattan, New York, the San Francisco Bay area, and Minterne Magna, Dorset and London in the United Kingdom.

Eleanor was pre-deceased by her two sisters, Peggy and Suki, and her parents, David and Kathleen. She will be missed by her many friends and family.