There is... a difference!

Virginia Mae Elmore, goodbye, from all your family and friends—which after nearly 96 years are many and varied. Always your very own person, you lived your life and departed that life in your own way leaving a lifetime of memories and stories for those left behind.

You grew up in Hoquiam with strong family support and in 1942 you met our Dad (Marion Edward (Ed) Elmore), the love of your life, at a dance to support the servicemen posted to the area. You had a girl, a boy, and another girl—who grew up with you and Ed as examples of what it means to be the best people they can be.

Grandchildren became part of the mix and again you were a cornerstone of their lives and an example of how to live strong. More recently, a couple of great grandchildren were added to the mix and it is up to the rest of us to continue to set the example you so strongly demonstrated for them.

You were courageous—embarking on a cross-country trip with your first daughter along with many other service member wives—adventurous—twice living in the Philippines, braving the snowstorms in the Copper Canyon of Mexico and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and sailing across a mountain lake in the high Sierras—so smart—master bridge, crossword puzzles, current events, and financial management—and always busy. Everyone who ever met and got to know you has a special memory and there’s no question that while we will miss your presence you will always be there in our memories and our daily lives.

Jeanne’s journey through life ended on August 12, 2017. She is survived by her daughter Vicki and her children, Paul, Pat, and Jessica; her son Mark; and her daughter Rebecca and her children Galen (wife Jagoda and daughter Sophia) and Kyra (husband Nathan and son Andrew).

In Jeanne’s last years, Island Volunteer Caregivers, were an important part of her life and support system. Donations to this organization will help support the work they do for others.

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