Pre Arrangement:

What does Pre-Arrangement mean?


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It simply means that you choose the service and possible merchandise (i.e. casket, vault, cemetery property, etc.) before they are needed. A carefully pre-planned funeral or cremation memorial service can be comforting to your family members as it spares them from facing emotionally and financially difficult decisions at the time of death.  It is also possible to pay for funeral or cremation arrangements in advance.  Many people are choosing to do this today.  There are many advantages to making decisions ahead of time:

  • Because you are setting money aside, it will be there when you need it.
  • You make your wishes known ahead of time
  • You choose the extent, kind and cost of service you want, right down to the smallest detail.
  • You and your family can share in planning together.
  • By making these decisions in advance, you can bring peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones.

The easiest form of funeral pre-arrangement is to simply write down your biographical information, meaningful details about your life, and your funeral wishes.  Take care to clearly state all of the things that you feel are important to you in regard to your funeral service.  You should always keep in mind that funerals are for the living.  You should, however, clearly state such details as whether you hope that your body will be buried or cremated, and where your burial plot is )or where you wish to be). 

Our funeral home provides a folder that asks all of these pertinent questions.  When you pre pay for funeral arrangements, you are not paying the Funeral Home directly.  The money is held in an insurance policy until the time of need.

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"Dying is one of the few events in life certain to occur,
yet one we are not likely to plan for."
We spend more time getting ready for two weeks away from work
than we do our last time on Earth".

(Time Magazine Sept 2000)