What our Client Families are saying about Cook
Family Funeral Home:





I wanted to THANK YOU again for your tremendous support to my mother Kathleen and our entire family for all your efforts for my stepdad Stephen Jennings's funeral arrangements on Friday February 16th. I don't know how we could have managed without your incredible help and assistance!


Again, thank you for all your support during this time. Is never easy but you were an amazing person in all that you did to assist us!




Harvey Schwartz




I want to thank you for what you do for my clients and the relationship we have with Cook Family Funeral Home in dealing with clients that have less than what you charge. You are appreciated.




Linda Navage

Public Guardian




Thank you for providing the support and services for our family. It was comforting to know you knew all about Buddhist ceremonies, and it all went so seamlessly. Again, thanks for everything.



David Amamoto




Thanks for taking care of everything for us, David. Really appreciate the professionalism and kindness.




Morgan McBride




Dear David,


I want to thank you for providing a lovely setting for the viewing of our beloved Pastor Lori Hoyum, and especially to express my appreciation for Ibrahim! He was so helpful and considerate and made a difficult day much less difficult than it could have been. We enjoyed his company in the reception room and his suggestions for making things easier were very welcome. He was professional, but with a warm and friendly manner - even helping us carry things out to the car and making sure we didn’t leave anything behind that we would have to come back for later. Thank you for being such an important and pleasant part of our Bainbridge Island Family.


God bless you,


Shirley Olsen



Dear David,


Thanks for all your patience and kindness in guiding us thru this process..... The service was beautiful and all went well. John's remains are in his crypt right between where my parents will go when their time comes .... thanks, again! Jeannette V. p.s. He was a large man ..... with a huge heart.


Jeannette Vasice



Hi Dave,


On behalf of my family, If like offer my sincere thanks for all your help, you made a tough situation much easier.


Thanks again and Aloha!

Paul Hertrich


 Dear Dave,


It was a pleasure to accompany Sharon England to her meeting with you yesterday. Once again - and I have said it to others several times today - I am so grateful for your presence on Bainbridge Island, Your compassion and clarity in working with folks after a death has occurred really makes the process of dealing with paperwork and decisions so manageable. I appreciate your ability to be candid and yet gentle at the same time. I know Sharon had some options, and I am so pleased she decided to call Cook Family Home at the time of Bernard's death. I know she is feeling it was the right choice for her.




Fran Moen


Just wanted to say thank you David. All went well and my mom was really happy how everything went these past few days. You and your family made this healing process much easier.

Thank you --

Sincerely, Fred and Stacy Navarro




Hi Dave,

Wonderful to see you. Thank you so much for all you do!! We went through 35 dozen cookies and I lost count of the gallons of hot chocolate.


Thank you!!!

Bainbridge Island Downtown Association


(Christmas event photo- our sponsorship of the yearly down town holiday events)






Hi David,

I want to thank you for your care and sensitivity with regard to the passing of Bev. The family was all pleased with the service at your facility and with the fact that you took care of the details.

Thanks again,

Jerry Slade


Hello David!

This is Jenny from Alaska, Oliver Devin's daughter. It's been a whole year now since my fathers passing, and we so appreciated your tender care during the process of letting go of my dad.

Thank you.




Many thanks from family and friends of Dad. Everyone was VERY pleased, as I certainly am. Kudos to Bagpiper Neil and my family really loved Deacon Lamar Reed. Turns out he entered USMC bootcamp same place and only 3 days before my brother did (1967).

Thank you.

Pat Amo


Dear Dave - thanks so much for your time and good energy, meeting with the group from Cedars UU Church yesterday. Everyone said it was so helpful and interesting and I certainly found it so. I hope our paths cross in good ways as we continue to serve people on this small island.


All the best,

Barbara ten Hove



Hi Dave,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did in organizing Natalie's memorial service and all the other services you provided for her. It was a great relief for me to be able to put all of those tasks in your hands and know that they would be done well and with appropriate consultation.


All best wishes,

David Cosman




I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful man and funeral home experience to lead our family through this past week. While I’ve been around many ending ceremonies in my life in a professional capacity, this was completely different because it was deeply personal. Thank you for stepping up from the few hours before Mary died to helping her to her final resting place. You are an extraordinary man with the biggest heart (and the best hearse!). You have a gift around what you do and I am incredibly grateful to know you.


With love and appreciation,





Hope you had a Merry Christmas and may you have a Happy New Year.

I just wanted to take the time right now and thank you. I was part of the team of women who dressed my Aunt Dee. She was old school anf thats how its done. I knew when she took ill and was getting ready to leave, it would be my job to do just what we did. I knew exactly what she wanted. I was scared. Ok i was terrified. I still cry when I think of that day. But the part that stands out is how calm i was when you was there. Its a big comfort more than you know. You are a good guy.


Thank you for always treating our family and community families with the truest respect and honor. I just didn't want the year to end without saying that.


Sincerely Your Friend,

Mary J. Jones



Hello Dave,

Tomorrow we bury my father. He passed a week ago yesterday after a very brief (few weeks) time after learning her had lung cancer. His death was almost storybook peaceful. You and your staff have been on my mind as we have gotten through the process of having my father put to rest in his family plot in one of the largest cemeteries in Bremerton. It has made me appreciate the very authentic and competent way you helped my family put my son Colin to rest.


I just wanted you to know how deeply your service and kindness has touched me.


Donna Dahlquist



Hi Dave,

Thank you. This is a difficult time; however, your continued kindness, care, and attention to detail has certainly made the process less painful. I cannot thank you enough for you level of professionalism.


With warmest regards,





The marker is fine, Dave. I'm sure George would be pleased. Thank you for your patience (and encouraging mine). As with his mom's last needs, you provided a much appreciated service for George.


Thank you,


Lind Carr


Hello David,

The service was fabulous and went very smoothly, there was a 9 aircraft "missing man formation" flyover.. It was incredible, and a huge turnout. Just want to say a huge thank you from our family for all you have done.




Sherrie Pugh (Doctor)



Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for all you have helped us with. May The Lord bless you for your kindness. This has not been easy but with your help it has all fallen into place nice.


Blessed Regards,


Sylvia Vincent Family



Hi Dave,

Thank you again for the service and everything else you did. Having some more of the mundane logistics taken care of was very helpful for the family and allowed us to spend a lot of time together.




Jacob Millican


Dear Dave and Chuck,

Thank you for your help throughout this process and for your help today. Appreciate you taking the time to set up the chairs and being there with your staff. We are happy our mom is at peace and at rest. The headstone turned out nicely - and appreciate you taking the time to run through drafts to make it right. Take care --


Mary Ann Arnone


Hello Dave,

As we honor 5 years since my father Harmon's passing, I can't look back without recognizing with appreciation you and the Cook Family Funeral Home. You were so gracious to my family during that special time. From the initial planning to dad's service and internment you were extremely personable, understanding and expedient. You've made it easy to recommend your professional services to our friends and loved ones.


Thank you once again.


Todd and Yaroslavna Adams.


 Hi Dave,

First, I want to thank you for ALL you did for me and my Dawn's arrangements and service. I have received so many positive comments about how wonderful the service was.

Again, I do not know how I could have made it without you and your help.


George Shipe





Thank you again for the thoughtful and caring service you are providing our family. It is very much appreciated. You do a great job helping families at a time of great need.


Patrick Willits



Hello Dave:

Thanks again for all your help last week. Everyone commented on how smoothly everything went. Joanne would be pleased. Congratulations to you and your staff.





Heartfelt thanks to you, David Cook, Ibrahim Ciftcioglu and the rest of the staff at Cook Family Funeral Home for compassionate, excellent service in all respects provided to our family upon the death of my father, John B. Vincent, on Jan. 18th 2012, including cremation of his body and facilitating the memorial service at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church on March 31st. I knew my father's remains and our family were in good hands in terms of all the arrangements. This was very comforting at a time of deep loss and grief. I am very glad you were recommended to us by the Wyatt House. Thank you again for all you did for us,


Bronwyn Vincent



Cook Family Funeral home was very efficient, they took care of all of the details regarding posting in the newspapers, provided a beautiful website with guest book options and scrolling pictures of our loved one. They handled all of the paperwork for the death certificate and much more. I could not have found a better, more helpful, sympathetic, and friendly company.


I highly recommend Cooks.


Tara Strom



My own experiences with the funeral home were extremely professional, very caring, and very personal. They attended to all the details, provided gentle assistance, and fulfilled my own expectations completely. Dealing with death is never easy but their professionalism, courtesy, and thoughtful care made a hard time manageable.


Rev. Dennis Tierney



My experience with the Cook Family Funeral Home was wonderful; they took care of all my family arrangements. I am the only child and both of my parents passed away one after another within 4 month of each other. When my mother passed away in November, I was very confused and sad, did not know what to do. Then, I called Cooks Family Funeral Home and David answered my called and just from the moment of hearing his calm and sweet voice, I felt at peace and I knew that I was in good hands and that he will take care of all the arrangements, so they did an excellent job. They accommodated my family to our entire request, all the paperwork was done on time; I had no problem what so ever. They are nice and kind people to deal with; they gave me support when I needed the most. You are never prepared when you loose your love one and you need as much help you can get and Cook Family Funeral Home help me. I will recommend using the services of Cook Family Funeral Home to everyone. They will give you an excellent service.


M.R. Muir




Thank you so much for your help and I also wanted to let you guys know that you are amazing at what you do. I truly appreciate how easy you made this process and how you made it pleasant for such a non-pleasant situation. I have told everyone I know about you guys and how wonderful you are.


Thanks, Diane Dozier



We are very happy with you, and we will be sure to share your name. We wouldn’t look to anyone else for help with losing a loved one. You have guided us through a difficult process gracefully; evening putting up with an outside casket. You have been very sweet to our family and we won’t forget it. I think Mom would approve of her send-off.


The Gollers

Hi Dave,

Thank you for all your help, couldn't done without you.


Susan Dosono



On behalf of our family, we would like to thank the members of the local community who came together in January to build a healing, inspiring memorial service in honor of Ted Spearman. Morrie Black-Eagle and the Suquamish Tribe gave generously of their time and shared the grand space of their Community House with us. Brothers Senji Kanaeda and Gilberto Peréz of the Nipponzan Myohoji Temple blessed the proceedings with kindness and prayer. Paul and Lorraine Svornich laid a magnificent vegan table with help from Ed and Karen Kushner, Andy, Charlotte and Mia Rovelstadt, Norm and Lisa Down and Martha Mitchell. Ahsa of Shima’s Japanese Restaurant, Emmy and Xiem of Emmy’s VegeHouse, and the folks at Blackbird Bakery provided delicious, bountiful food for us. Scott Harris and his team at Custom Printing pulled together a beautiful printed memorial on short notice. Dave Cook of Cook Family Funeral Home provided calm guidance. In a week of snow, wind and ice, all of these folks and many others supported our efforts to honor Ted, and we express our most sincere gratitude to each of them.


Marie and Simone Spearman, Jason Weaver & Saja Spearman-Weaver


David Cook, of Cook's Family Dave and family,


A very special thanks for the continued support that helped us make downtown merry and bright this holiday season!


Happiest Holidays !!

Andie, Sina and the Board of BIDA


Review of the August 16th Meeting- Guest Speaker David Cook ~


David Cook, of Cook's Family Funeral Home, spoke about the importance of having rituals. He emphasized the need for the family to have some kind of memorial or funeral to acknowledge the passing of a loved one. He feels it is a very important step in the grieving process. He shared some of his own personal losses as a young person and how that led him to his chosen field. After listening to and observing his caring and compassion, I wished that I had known him when tragedy struck my family in May of 2005. We thank Him for giving of his time and concern for our group.


The Compassionate Friends

Kitsap County Chapter

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family. My parents were so comfortable with your handling of all the details, and my brother and son were so appreciative of your guidance in helping them dress Papa. Papa looked wonderful -- you did such an amazing job, and Brent's handling of things on the ground was just perfect. Thank you so much for all you have done and your support and patience at each step along the way. What a blessing you are!

All the best,
Kim Church


The programs were lovely and they turned out terrific. Thank you so much for doing that quickly. The DVD is a real memento and loved the chronology. Did a super job.


Dear Dave:

I have said this before but will say it again, you are the best. Thank you for all that you did for the O’Morchoe’s. That was one complex funeral and I was, once again, so comforted by your presence. It took a great deal off my plate to know that you were present and keeping an eye on things throughout the funeral and then on Monday. It is my joy and delight to work with you at these hard moments for families.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dennis The Rev. Dr. Dennis S. Tierney, Rector Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church



Dear Dave,
Thank you for the fine job you did with my brother's funeral.  We appreciate it very much.
Thank you very much. 
Julie Berganio



Dave -
You did a fantastic job of helping me and my family all the way -- everyone
so happy with everything - most of all me!  THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!
I am greatly appreciative of all you've done and would not hesitate to
highly recommend Cook Family Funeral Home to anyone in need.



Hello, David!

Just wanted to send a special thanks to you COOK Family for providing the sponsorship support that helped us keep the Halloween Trick-or-Treat tradition alive in downtown Winslow this year ( :

We just  want you to know how much COOK Family’s Haunted Cider Booth  was a part of one of the busiest Halloweens we’ve seen in town for many years!

Check out the happy faces in this photo montage, and you will see that a great time was had by trick-or-treaters of all ages!

Thanks again!






Andrea Mackin

Executive Director

Bainbridge Island  Downtown Association

120 Madrone Lane N, Suite 203

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


Hi David,

Thank you so much for your kind words and compassionate spirit--you made a hard situation feel natural and even comfortable for me. You really have a great gift for your chosen area of service and I know so many people who feel that about you.  I so appreciate your help and your kind heart, and your willingness to go way beyond the basics.

 Warmly, Ann Lovejoy

Thanks Dave for all your help.  We have had a very pleasurable experience working with you.  We will see you around town.

Aloha,  Rick

Rick E. Skelton
Sound Health Hawaii, Sound Building Systems Hawaii Inc

Hi Dave,

The markers as installed are wonderful, perfect.  Please extend my heartfelt thanks to Sharon and the others at Quiring Monuments.  And to you, I so appreciate your care and guidance during this process.  You made a difficult time easier.  
Warm regards,  


Thank-You Dave,  
For all your help and kindness. Everyone thought the service was wonderful, you are great to work with, and it was nice to finally meet you.

Thank-You again,

Hi David,  

Thank you for everything. You've made a difficult time a lot easier.  

Jon and Joyce Jacobson

Dear Dave,

Your services, including your patience, have been above "outstanding".  You are kind, helpful, insightful, and obviously a great asset to our community.

Most sincerely,
Mary Croy

Dave, Thank-you so very much for all the beautiful things you did for my Mom, June.  She looked beautiful.  Love, Cindy Amo

Your perseverance and honesty leaves me with a very good recommendation. Your guidance at the funeral for a smooth ceremony was commendable.  We take comfort to know when the time comes, we have a credible and qualified rep to call. Please pass on my regards to the employees for all their efforts and attention to detail.
Cecilia Foster

Thanks so much for all your help with all of this.  Everything really went well.  Give our thanks to Andrew and Matt, also.  You really have a great team!   Maggi

Dave: Thank-you so much for your wonderful service to our family.  We are so, so grateful.   Shannon Smith

Brother Dave Cook... Thanks so much for everything. We are impressed with how everything was handled and will let others know how organized and efficient you are. We are grateful we found you... Sister Harris

I express my dearest thanks and appreciation for your services.  You made a difficult time very bearable.  I thank you for that.  Cooks is a wonderful establishment.  
Again thank you very much,
John Shaffer

We appreciate the help you've provided.  You're the perfect person for the job.
Best Regards,
Dick Cook

Dear Dave

We stopped by today and looked at the new setting for the stone. Thank you - it is just what we envisioned. We really appreciate you making it right. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. You treated us all with dignity and took care of all our problems. Thank you very much - Bob & Vicki Hultberg

Dear David,
Thank you for all you are doing and all that you have done for us
and Mom. You have been a great calming influence on myself and my
brother Mark. Thanks Again,
Jennifer Bannon

I want to say thank you for your kindness during a very difficult time. I appreciated the mix of professionalism and demeanor along with kind words and understanding. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you again -- I'm sure our paths will cross again in the future.

Best wishes,
Joe Blunt


Thank you so much. The memorial at the church was wonderful and better than we could have imagined. Everyone thought it was great. The short service at the gravesite was terrific and so moving. We would not have changed a thing. Thank you again for all that you did to make everything move to smoothly.

Karen LeRoy


I want to thank you for everything. The memorial service was just seamless, and we were all totally impressed at how smoothly it all went. Thank you so much.

Thanks again. Liz Fox

Hey David--hope this finds you well. Sorry that sad circumstances are putting us back in communication... ann and I want to thank you for all your caring work on behalf of our parents.

David Zinn

Dear Dave

Pam, Eric and I all want to thank you again for your seeing us through this
process a second time. We can't say enough good things about your unfailing
compassion, good humor, and professionalism in handling the details of Mom's
passage into whatever comes next. It almost makes me wish I had more than
two parents and that they lived on the Island.

In the meantime, thanks again for everything.

With our gratitude and affection,

John, Pam, and Eric Wieben


I wanted to thank you for all your help with my Dad’s arrangements.

Suzanne Sanborn

Yes, everything was great. Don looked very peaceful and younger than he was.
Thanks for all you have done. I am so glad Susan called you!

John S.

Bainbridge Performing Arts is grateful for the continued support of Cook Family Funeral Home. Their generous and frequent sponsorships allow us to offer high quality, family-friendly programming. Cook Family Funeral Home is a truly valuable community asset.

Susan Sivitz
Managing Director
Bainbridge Performing Arts

Thank you for your patience Dave, you are a pleasure to work with. 

Elizabeth Willits

Hi Bro. Cook-

    I've just arrived home and wanted to thank you for what a wonderful job you did! It was so great to not have to "worry" about anything. I knew we were in good hands! We appreciate all you've done so very much! Please thank your assistant as well. We will be happy to recommend you at every chance we get!   Paije Abplanalp


Thanks Dave,

You might just be the most reliable human on the planet!
Mary Grant



I really appreciate everything that you have done for our entire family. Your professionalism and warm spirit has helped us make it through. There are no words that can describe what you have done for us.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Adam Kleiven

The obituary on your website turned out lovely with the picture.  Thank you for helping us with everything.  You have been so kind, caring and professional in your assistance.  We are doing well, just taking a day at a time.
With gratitude,


I just wanted you to know that my mom and I stopped by and saw the head stone.  The stone work turned out very nice, and the installation crew did a good job placing it.

Thanks for all your work on this endeavor.

Best Regards,


Hello Dave,

Thank you again.  Everything went well and made this difficult time much easier to bear.   Thank you again for your excellent care, kindness, abilities. 
Pam Edwards


I want to thank you for everything.  It has been a a difficult time....dealing with you, as it was with Chuck when we set up the arrangements a while ago.

Best to you and yours,  Jill Onewein

Hi Dave,
The family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of
you for how smoothly the serve went yesterday.

Liz Thylin

Hi Dave, 

We were very pleased with everything. It was the right place, and the right people, and music, and flowers, and food, and everything. My Dad would have been very pleased, and very proud of our family. He would have said oh you don't have to do anything, but in his heart he would have been very pleased that we did.
And the reason I say that is that we couldn't have done it without you. Oh it would have been physically possible, but it would be have been miserably stressful, and we would have made all kinds of mistakes. You did it with poise and kindness and a real sense of style.
So let me thank you very much, on behalf of our whole family. It was a lovely end to a difficult but dignified event in the life of our little tribe, and we'll always remember your part with gratitude.

Thanks again, and best regards,
Carolyn McCool

Mr. Cook,

With my father, Richard Reynolds' recent passing; I had been very nervous
and anxious with the thought of visiting the funeral home; however you
made it bearable and comfortable to say the least. If you recall the day
that we visited your facility I had concerns about his
appearance.......but in the end I was very pleased.

I want to thank you for the services you provided to our family!


Billie J. Reynolds


I didn't get a chance to tell you how much I appreciate your help. You made a big difference and it was really easy to work with you. Thank-you a million times :]
-Shayna Reynolds

Dear David Cook and Staff:

I just wanted to write a note and thank you for all the arrangements concerning my father (Don Gibson).  You did a wonderful job and should be proud of your work. 

David Gibson

I wanted to thank you for the meeting we had today. You were very kind and obviously run a very professional business built on principles of respect and care for the people you’re helping. We were all very impressed.
Thanks again, and we'll talk soon,

Hello Dave,
Thank you for handling the arrangements and for the services you are continuing to provide. Our family was so pleased and grateful for all that you did.

Thank you!
Jean Divine


You did a wonderful job on Saturday and I was very grateful for your
professional and caring manner.

Thank you again from the Reese family.

Thank you so much for all you have done for our family over the past year. It has been a hard year and you have made it so much easier.

Thank you,    Martha Mabe

Everything went well with the service. Thank you for your kind and caring help with the arrangements.

- Ron Charles

Thank you for the services you provided for our grandmother.  I  am so glad that you took care of all our needs and everything went so well.  Many thanks for your help.

Tracy & Gene Tabafunda 
and the Rapada Family

Dear David,
You asked me to let you know when to forward me the archived copy of the obituary and "guestbook" for which friends and family submitted email comments, and I'm doing so now. I'm so grateful for your having this feature because it reached out to those who might have hesitated to call (former students of Art's) or those in Spokane that I didn't even know, but who shared part of their lives with Art. My daughter, Maggie, and I have appreciated your availability for questions and your professional caring. Thank you.
Inge Reese


I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else. Thank you. Under the circumstances, my mother really enjoyed working with you she had some good laughs. Thanks for making it go so smoothly.


Dear DaveThe marker turned out perfect and the installation went well. Thanks
for your help. I have found you easy to work with and would not
hesitate to recommend your services.Thank you, Suzan

Many, many thanks to each of you for helping provide a memorial service for Louise Shields.
To Charles Weaver for organizing the graveside.
To David Cook for professional and supportive services.

Pastor Don Jukam

Paul and I went by (separately as our schedules would permit) to look at the marker today. It looks GREAT! We are both VERY pleased with the final product. Thank you for all your kindness and help in this whole process! Our hearts have been greatly touched by the way you have dealt with us from the very beginning.
Chris and family

I appreciate all you've done for my Dad and for me...everything for Bonnie and my Dad has been handled with professionalism and compassion and I want you to know it is noticed and appreciated.   - Valla

Dear Dave,
 ...your sincere, consoling professionalism made a difficult process much less stressful for all of us.
As a result, our family has been able in this last week to focus on our father's life rather than the sometimes overwhelming decisions that had to be made upon his death. Your calm presence and caring, professional demeanor under such difficult circumstances do you great credit. I can't imagine how we would have gotten through the last week without your invaluable guidance and assistance.
John Wieben


Thank you -- for the one thing you don't want to have to deal with in life, you certainly made it easier. Barry and I appreciate your kindness and all the efforts you made to handle so many issues. I know that is your job but I was glad to have someone professional, patient, and nice.

Best Regards,


You did a wonderful job for us, and we will always remember the personal touches that you made.  As many have told me, yours is a business that takes a special person, and fortunately for us you are that person!!!

Susan G.

Poulsbo Fire Department / KCFD#18

Hi Dave, 

Thanks again for your part in this transition our family is experiencing.  You truly made a difficult situation easier, and I am thankful you were there to help us through this time.

            Best Regards,


Dave –
I’d really like to thank you for all of your kindness. Frankly I don’t know how we would’ve been able to get through it all, and manage all of the terrible and difficult details without you.
Again, thank you so much for everything.
Kind Regards,

Hi Dave,
Although I was only an observer on the sidelines, I just want to compliment you on your professionalism...with the addition of such a warm and caring personality. I was very impressed with how comfortable you made the family feel. . . and how perfectly everything fell into place in such a short time. And congratulations on the name change. I hope you and your family are enjoying your life here on Bainbridge. It has been a wonderful place for us to spend our lives, and I hope it will be for you, too.


Thank you so much for going to bat for us last night with UPS. Although we would have been okay with the cherry one we were very happy to know that they are in the matching ones that Dad picked out. The interment went off without a hitch. My kids did some readings and a prayer and we played a song and it was very nice, pretty much perfect. Thank you again for going the extra mile for us.
Anna Du Pen and family

Just wanted you to know how pleased I was to see the wonderful way you placed my mother's obituary on your company's website. Thank you for being so kind during our difficult time.
God Bless you,
Steve McCroskey

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in my time of need...
The tragedy that befell my family was already a big burden to deal with, but I sincerely appreciate your efforts in meeting with me and making it as smooth as possible for me.
Thank you so much!